Breaking in New Clients

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Have you ever had an internal or external client who was skeptical about the value of online research, or even research in general?  Chris Kann has recorded a podcast for QRCA that outlines how she used quantitative and online qualitative research to nurture a client relationship that grew to be strong and exciting.  Chris is [...]

10 Tips for QualBoard Moderating

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I've been getting a lot of questions about moderating online bulletin boards (QualBoards).  So, I decided to list some recommendations for people who might be new or just want to see if they can pick up a new tip or two.  The tips are in the "Pages" section of QualBlog to the right ===> If [...]

Brand Creative Testing Using Mind Clouds

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All moderators have asked themselves whether to introduce advertising creative early in the focus group to minimize bias or later in the group to better understand context.  Emiel Van Wegen offers the following specific advice on how to conduct a focus group on new advertising creative.  Emiel writes a blog, Research Reinvented, that can be [...]

Value Propositions: 3-D and 5-P approaches

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As qualitative researchers we are often working to uncover the valua proposition or the USP for a particular product or service.  As with many things, I’m always looking for ways to structure my thinking or brainstorming.  Having some type of structure, or knowing the questions to ask, is simply much easier than staring at a [...]

Bulletin Boards useful for studying cancer patients

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The following abstract is from an article in BMC Medical Research Methodology of the use of bulletin boards to reach cancer patients, specifically pediatric patients.  We have conducted QualBoard studies among physicians and patients for many years and found the methodology to be very effective because of its asynchronous nature and, in many cases, the anonymity [...]

Tropicana: Up-to-date isn’t always better

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Like “New Coke,” Tropicana recently made a serious packaging boo boo by “updating” their carton and sacrificing their brand identifiers.  Unfortunately, the carton looked more modern but also lost all the brand identity loyal Tropicana users needed to quickly pick out their favorite juice.  This article comes from designer Patrick Algrin who has a blog [...]

Branding, Emotions and BlackJack

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Our colleague, Sharon Livingston specializes in qualitative branding research.  Over the years she has developed some techniques surrounding emotions and brands that are interesting and helpful to qualitative researchers dealing with brand identity issues.  To that end she has also developed a set of archetype cards which she provides at  The following article from [...]

End Users’ take on Ethnography

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Ethnographic Research:  Trendy Method or Essential Tool? Judy Langer and Jon Last wrote an interesting article in the February issue of Quirks.  They interviewed 26 end users to get their perspecitives on the use of ethnography.  Some of the my highlights are included here.  Generally end users were very positive about the use of ethnography [...]