Breaking in New Clients

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Have you ever had an internal or external client who was skeptical about the value of online research, or even research in general?  Chris Kann has recorded a podcast for QRCA that outlines how she used quantitative and online qualitative research to nurture a client relationship that grew to be strong and exciting.  Chris is [...]

Marketing Spending: From the bottom looking up?

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From our friends at Mr. Web (, here is a survey that says we may have hit bottom and are about to begin climbing out of this spending hole we are in.  At least the rate of decline seems to be slowing.  I’ll continue to watch for other reports to see if they agree.  Here [...]

Value Propositions: 3-D and 5-P approaches

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As qualitative researchers we are often working to uncover the valua proposition or the USP for a particular product or service.  As with many things, I’m always looking for ways to structure my thinking or brainstorming.  Having some type of structure, or knowing the questions to ask, is simply much easier than staring at a [...]

Tropicana: Up-to-date isn’t always better

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Like “New Coke,” Tropicana recently made a serious packaging boo boo by “updating” their carton and sacrificing their brand identifiers.  Unfortunately, the carton looked more modern but also lost all the brand identity loyal Tropicana users needed to quickly pick out their favorite juice.  This article comes from designer Patrick Algrin who has a blog [...]

Up Brands in a Down Economy

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Amongst all the bad earnings reports and economic news that leaves us quaking is a truism that is being played out by General Mills:  supporting strong brands pays off, even in weak econonomies.  For the entire article click on General Mills Thrives on Increased Marketing Spending Boosting TV Ads Hiked Cereal Sales, But Digital [...]

Winning Clients: An End User Perspective

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Regina Lewis, PhD and VP of Global Insights for InterContinental Hotels Group gave an “End User’s Perspective” at the MRA’s CEO Summit.  Here are some notes from her presentation that you might find helpful the next time you try to land that big account. During a recession, end users are often understaffed but still have [...]