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20|20 Research Releases the Results of Flash Poll Gauging U.S. Citizens’ Reaction to Brexit

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Brexit Poll: Study Finds Uncertainty but Not Negativity NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 5, 2016) --In light of recent events in the United Kingdom, global research technology and service company 20|20 Research conducted a flash survey to gauge how the news has been perceived by citizens in the United States. Drawing from its proprietary panel of respondents, [...]

20|20 Research Names Isaac Rogers CEO of 20|20 Technology

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ISAAC ROGERS NAMED CEO OF 20|20 TECHNOLOGY NASHVILLE, Tenn. (January 25, 2016) --Isaac Rogers, chief innovation officer for global research technology and service company 20|20 Research, has been named CEO of the company's tech subsidiary, 20|20 Technology. Rogers will lead the efforts and operations of the company that develops and implements the technologies offered by [...]

20|20 Research Develops Collage Tool

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PROJECTIVE TECHNIQUE FOR QUALITATIVE RESEARCH EXPECTED TO BECOME INDUSTRY STANDARD NASHVILLE, Tenn. (November 11, 2015) --For years, to better engage research participants for qualitative group studies, researchers have asked respondents to produce a collage of their favorite product, service or issue to be discussed in the group session. The technique allowed participants to express feelings [...]

A Cross-Section of America’s Voters Speak Out on the Burning Questions No Debate Reporter Dared Ask

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The Questions Americans REALLY Had on their Minds NASHVILLE, Tenn. (September 16, 2015) --Forget immigration, the Iran deal, Obamacare, restraining the federal government or even the brashness of The Donald. What American voters REALLY wanted discussed in Wednesday evening's Republican presidential debate -- but wasn't -- concerned the candidates' hair. And, yes, voters agree, more [...]

20|20 Research Launches Market Research App for Just-Released Apple Watch

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FIRST WEARABLE APP IN MARKETING RESEARCH EXPANDS THE LIMITS ON INFORMATION THAT CAN BE GAINED IN A STUDY NASHVILLE, Tenn. (August 5, 2015) -- Harnessing the power and flair of the recently launched Apple Watch, global research technology and service company 20|20 Research today announced an Apple Watch companion app for the company's QualBoard® Mobile™ [...]

20|20 Research Announces Business Development Team

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FOUR WITH GLOBAL MARKETING RESEARCH EXPERIENCE TO DRIVE FURTHER GROWTH NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 21, 2015) -- Global research technology and service company 20|20 Research has added a team of marketing research veterans to further propel the company's worldwide growth, which has already increased 300 percent over the last few years. Jeff Grund, formerly with WorldOne, [...]

20|20 Research Introduces Integrated Quant+Qual Service for Researchers

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TOOL EASILY INTEGRATES QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE DISCIPLINES INTO ONE STUDY NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 7, 2015)  --  For years, quantitative and qualitative researchers have lived on separate sides of a wall that divides the two fields.  Today, that no longer needs to be the case. Global research technology and service company 20|20 Research has launched a new service that unites [...]

CEO Jim Bryson Interviewed on QRCA Views Podcast

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QRCA recently interviewed 20|20's CEO Jim Bryson in their quarterly podcast series. In this interview, Jim talks about the irony of hating his research classes while in college while seconds later discussing how he helped to develop a very successful research business. We discuss the bet he took on online qualitative research early on, his [...]