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Why Weird Words Make Great Brand Names

Naming.  We do it all the time in focus groups.  Frankly, sometimes I wonder if we are doing the name justice by tossing it out in a focus group to get “top of mind” responses.  Does a name make a brand?  Probably not.  The brand support goes farther than the actual name.  There are too
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A Strategist's Case for Qualitative Research

As qualitative researchers we sometimes “know” we are getting the answers but we don’t have the statistical precision of a quant methodologist to prove our point.  Subjective arguments just don’t carry the same gravitas as objective, quantitative ones.  With that frustration in mind, I have lifted a portion of a post by Victoria Else from
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Brand Creative Testing Using Mind Clouds

All moderators have asked themselves whether to introduce advertising creative early in the focus group to minimize bias or later in the group to better understand context.  Emiel Van Wegen offers the following specific advice on how to conduct a focus group on new advertising creative.  Emiel writes a blog, Research Reinvented, that can be
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ARF Show Reveals Trends

I spent two days this week at the ARF Conference hanging around the exhibit halls to learn about new research products, catch up with friends and look for potential partners.  Although I was able to make headway on each of these fronts, the volume and variety was disappointing.  I’m sure the economy impacted the attendance
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All "a-Twitter" about Qual

Twitter is a new phenomenon that seems to be taking the world by storm.  Everyone from gradeschoolers to the President seem to be “twittering.”  Can it be an asset in qualitative research?  I don’t know.  However, the folks at S&R Communications ( penned an appropriately short article on benefits and drawbacks to using Twitter for
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What is the CMO thinking?

Either directly or indirectly, we work for CMOs because they are the ones who set the agenda for the brands, products or services for which we conduct qualitative research.  The following article is interesting because it explores the mind of the CMO, especially in a recession.  The topics on the mind of the CMO are
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