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The Internet: It's Not Just Information Anymore

The world wide web is gaining on television as American’s entertainment venue of choice.  The Conference Board released its quarterly Consumer Internet Barometer showing that 25% of American households watch TV online.  This is up from 20% a year ago. is gaining ground quickly with collections such as “The Office,”  “America’s Got Talent,” and
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Research Industry on the Rebound?

The research industry appears to have hit bottom in the 2nd quarter and may be on the rebound.  The Marketing Research Association (MRA) has released their Research Industry Index (RII) for the second quarter. The composite index is up slightly to 86 from 84 in the first quarter but still down from 94 in the
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Research Industry Defines Online Terminology

The Association Collaborative Effort (ACE) is an initiative by research industry associations (AMA, ARF, CASRO, ESOMAR, MRA, and the MRIA) to address the industry issues surrounding online research and panel use.  The official purpose is:  to ensure that all online and panel researchers and users, no matter the industry segment or the association affiliation, share a set
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Research Design Structure Suggested

As researchers we are being called on more and more often to think of different methods for crafting our research design to carefully fit marketing needs and overall research objectives.  With the explosion of available tools and the resulting fragmentation of methods, choosing a research design is getting more and more complex and more and
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Online Communities: "Category Destroyer" or "Third Way"

Two blog posts have discussed the long-term affect of online communities In “The Future Place Blog” ( Ray Poynter discusses the “New Market Research” where large scale communities create a new paradigm where researchers interact with large groups of participants/customers so that they have ongoing, longitudinal research that delivers both quantitative and qualitative information.  He
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Are you lying to me?

Susan Abbott points out that people who are lying often can’t be caught by body language but are usually given away by their words, usually they way they tell a story.  Drawing from Judging Honesty by Words, Not Fidgets, by Benedict Carey, Susan presents the debunks the following myths about liars.   Liars do not avert
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