Our Mobile Ethnography and Ethno360™ solutions allow researchers to go where few have ventured before – straight into the home and experiences of the consumer without interrupting their natural environment.

With our mobile solution, you can look inside the lives of your respondents in a live, moderated session while your clients watch remotely. With Ethno360, you can use our advanced 360-degree camera technology to collect immersive videos of consumer behavior, providing richer insights and a more authentic user experience than other ethnographic techniques.

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What are the benefits of using Mobile Ethnography and Ethno360?

Interview or collect detailed 360-degree videos with participants nationwide with ease. Studies take place on your schedule and that of your respondents. No travel necessary and no logistics to worry about.

Conduct longitudinal studies with interviews and videos collected over weeks or months.

Walk around a respondent’s home without ever leaving your chair. Observe a meal prep or shopping experience from your office. No additional travel expenses, such as flights, hotels, and taxis.

Because our ethnography solutions utilize digital platforms and advanced technology, there are fewer limitations to your research. Instead of test kitchens, watch as participants cook meals in their own homes. See what their closet really looks like. Join them as they shop. You no longer have to travel to their home or office to observe their routines—and fewer limitations means better research.

Enhance your research


QualMeeting™: Real-time webcam interviewing and online focus groups.


QualMeeting™ +Plus

Add on QualMeeting™ +Plus for truly exceptional bundled service. Focus on the research—we’ll take care of the rest!

Virtual Intercepts™

Virtually intercept your followers through any social media platform into a live webcam interview. Get real insights in real-time.


Real-Time Transcription

Available during a live session with a recording made available as soon as the session concludes.


Interactive Surveys

Meetings are now more engaging with advanced polling options including card sorting, likert scales, and ranking.

Virtual Lobby

Available on all QualMeeting™ sessions, the lobby gives participants a place to wait for their interview appointment.

Right Sized Communities

Right Sized Communities

Create a pre-recruited panel of participants with your specific criteria for a long-term research study at your convenience.