Quirks recently published an article co-authored by 20|20’s CEO Jim Bryson in their July Issue: Shopper Insights.

“Be There Now: Leveraging Mobile and Online Qualitative to Get into Shopper’s Heads” details how to combine mobile and Web-based qual approaches to study the complete shopping experience.

The following is a brief excerpt:

For researchers, the mobile boom is a bonanza. For decades we have yearned for a way to communicate unobtrusively with our respondents as they perform normal daily tasks. We have constantly sought to immerse ourselves in consumers’ lives to understand their real behavior while impacting that behavior as minimally as possible. Now we have the yearned-for ubiquitous device and, when partnered with Internet-based approaches, we have the ability to better see and understand the full story behind consumer behavior.

To read the full article, please download this PDF: Quirks July 2013 Article