Quirks recently published an article written by 20|20’s CIO Isaac Rogers in their August 2015 issue.

“Just Right Indeed: The Goldilocks approach to innovation research” sheds light on how a hybrid quant+qual mini-community can come together to make new product innovation research more effective.

The following is a brief excerpt:

In April 2015, Quirk’s presented a Webinar titled “The New Quant+Qual Paradigm” hosted by my firm, 20|20 Research. The discussion looked at mixed-method studies and profiled three different hybrid strategies. A fourth, which was referenced in the Q&A session, was the concept of a  right-sized community, which generated much interest from attendees. This article takes a look at right-sized communities and how they can provide a “just right” solution for hybrid quant+qual product innovation research.

To read the full article, please download this PDF: Quirks_ August 2015_Goldilocks Article

Or, view it on Quirk’s Website.