Jim Byrson published in Market Research Bulletin Survey

Qualitative Fusion: Hybrid research comes of age

Jim Bryson, the CEO of 20|20 recently wrote the following article for Market Research Bulletin Survey:

Change is accelerating.

How do researchers and research users keep up with ever- changing consumer patterns? How do researchers keep
up with the ever-increasing need to know more and more about consumers’ lives? Traditional research methods are not keeping up; new methods aren’t always the solution ei- ther. So, hybrid research has become a hot topic. Just as the best houses are not built with just a hammer, the best re- search projects are often not designed with a single research tool. Today’s researcher must be able to select the right tools and combine those tools effectively.

Mixing and matching methods is becoming Standard Oper- ating Procedure because hybrid designs often better achieve the objectives and lead to more insightful decisions. These hybrid approaches often combine face-to-face, online and mobile methods. Plus, qualitative researchers often work hand-in-hand with their quantitative counterpart to cre- ate hybrid quant-qual techniques to create a combination greater than the sum of their parts...

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