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Isn't there one tool that will address most of my online research needs?

QualBoard® is not just software, it is truly an integrated research system. In addition to open-ended questions, QualBoard® incorporates quantitative questions, webcam questions, and questions to sub-groups or individuals. Plus both researcher and participants can upload pictures, videos and documents.

QualBoard® hosts unique capabilities, all within one platform. Need to integrate QualBoard® with a survey? No problem. QualLink™ will do that. Do you have a concept, display ad or other image you need to evaluate? Simply call up the world’s leading image evaluation tool, QualLaborate™. In addition, QualBoard® Mobile™ can give your participants QualBoard® access from virtually any smartphone. When you need a digital ethnography capability, the QualBoard® Mobile™ LifeNotes™ feature will take care of it. What do you need? It’s your call.

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