S&P Global recently published an article “Analysts: The Markets ‘disenchanted’ with Snapchat” featuring commentary from CEO Isaac Rogers and insights based off a 1,000-person nationwide survey conducted by the 20|20 team.

“Analysts: The Markets ‘disenchanted’ with Snapchat” offers perspective on how the younger millennials feel about Snapchat. It discusses its position in the market in comparison to Facebook and Instagram, and whether or not it has a competitive advantage over its competitors.

The following is a brief excerpt:

Isaac Rogers, CEO of 20|20 Research Inc., said in an interview that the self-proclaimed “camera company” will have to find a technology to better target its user base with ads and to introduce a “killer” feature that could attract millennials. Rogers does not think Snap is of much value to Facebook at the moment but thinks Snapchat could be attractive to other tech giants, such as Amazon.com Inc., Microsoft Corp. or Google Inc.

To read the full article, please download this PDF: S&P Global July 2017