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5 Great Uses for Mobile Qualitative Research

Mobile phones are everywhere because they go anywhere. Consumers keep them close at all times, and they provide multiple means of communication — from text messaging to images to voice. It’s no wonder, then, that mobile qualitative research is a popular tool in the modern researcher’s toolbox — conducting research at the point of the consumption via mobile phone is a great way to capture authentic feedback from respondents.

Ready to try your hand at mobile qualitative research? Consider QualAnywhere. While many mobile phone apps work only on one or two mobile phone platforms, QualAnywhere is designed to work on virtually any mobile phone so respondents can be selected based on how they fit the target market rather than whether they have a particular brand of mobile phone.

There’s an unlimited number of applications for QualAnywhere. Here are five that we have found to be very helpful to researchers.

1. Events. Because people carry their mobile phones everywhere and text anywhere, mobile phones are the perfect way to gather impressions, likes, dislikes and reactions about an event directly from the event, in real time. QualAnywhere is great for sporting events, fairs, amusement parks, travel, etc.

2. Behavior Diaries. Written diaries have a major problem — compliance. Too many times respondents forget to complete them and fill them out mostly from memory. QualAnywhere can text respondents at a specific point in time and ask pointed questions. Respondent compliance with answering quickly is very high; thus, the data is not only more reliable but it is available to the researcher on a daily, even hourly basis.

3. Homework Reminders. “Homework” or pre-group exercises can be extremely valuable in generating insights from in-person research that otherwise might not have been available. However, if the respondents do not complete the assignments, the entire exercise is wasted. QualAnywhere is an effective way simply to remind respondents about assignments and greatly increase participation rates.

4. Shopping Impressions. QualAnywhere facilitates research at the point of consumption — virtual shop-alongs — so the researcher can text the respondents while they are in a store in a real-time mobile text interview. Respondents can even snap photos of products or shelf layouts and send them back with comments. Shop-alongs can be anywhere at any time.

5. Difficult-to-Reach Respondents. Sometimes people are simply hard to reach. Low-income and/or second or third world respondents may not have a computer but they have a mobile phone. When plumbers are on the job, they can’t get to a computer to provide feedback, and sometimes a researcher simply cannot follow them around. Mobile allows researchers to “be there” when being there is simply not possible.

Learn more about our mobile qualitative research platform.

Learn more about QualAnywhere, our mobile qualitative research platform.