20|20 Technology Launches Revolutionary Concept Evaluation and Mark-up Tool; Available for FREE through September 2011

NASHVILLE, TN, August 24, 2011 – 20|20 Technology today announced the launch of their newest software platform, QualLaborate™ V2.0, built from the ground up specifically as concept evaluation and image markup tool.

According to Isaac Rogers, the Head of Innovation for 20|20, “Collecting research feedback about visual-based material has always been challenging. In fact, it’s traditionally been built around quantitative tools. But now, QualLaborate™ allows qualitative researchers to get rich, detailed feedback about new product ideas, advertising and design concepts, storyboards, wireframes and any other type of visual stimuli.”

QualLaborate™ 2.0 works inside of 20|20’s industry-leading QualBoard® platform, and includes a revolutionary feature called First Impression that captures unbiased, “gut reaction” opinion about each concept or idea; then, using the markup tools, participants can provide deeper feedback to explain their overall reaction.

To help introduce QualLaborate™, 20|20 Technology is making it available at no charge through September 2011. For more details, call our Sales department at (800) 737-2020 or email us at Sales@2020research.com.

ABOUT 20|20 RESEARCH, INC. – 20|20 Research, Inc. (founded in 1986) is a worldwide leader in Online Qualitative Research software and support, having helped our clients conduct thousands of online projects in more than 30 countries around the globe. In addition to our industry-leading qualitative software platforms - QualBoard®, QualMeeting™, QualLink™ (patent-pending), QualAnywhere™ and QualJournal™, and QuickQual™- 20|20 Research also conducts Qualitative Recruiting and operates three “Top Rated” Focus Group facilities in the U.S. - Miami, FL, Charlotte, NC and Nashville, TN.

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For more information about 20|20 Research, Inc., contact Steven Henke, President, at (800) 737-2020 or stevenh@2020research.com.

For more information about any of 20|20 Technology’s Products, visit our Technology Products section or contact the 20|20 Sales Department at Sales@2020research.com, (800) 737-2020 (U.S.), +44 (0)20 3318 5979 (U.K.) or +33 (0)9 75 18 13 54 (France).